Win £1,000 MAC Makeup FREE

free samples ukHow would you like the chance to win £1,000 of superb Free makeup by MAC . MAC as you know, manufacture some of the finest makeup around and is used on many movie and TV sets as it stands the test of time (no need to re-apply every 10 minutes here ladies)

Anyway, all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this great freebie is to register on the MyOffers webpage and then complete the entry ( only takes 2 minutes :) ) To go to their page just click the MAC pic to the left….…oh.. Good Luck !  X

ps.  2 minutes of your time for a chance of £1,000 of MAC makeup… it’s a no brainer :)

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FREE Sachet of Sienna X Tanning Cream


Cosmetics samples

SIENNA X  have been voted the “Best Tanning Supplier” for four years in a row, quite a feat I think.  They had a free sample offer on a while ago, and because it was so successful they have decided to give it another go. I have tried their New Instant Bronzing Gel and can honestly say that it is a top product.

This freebie Tanning offer  is so new they havent even started giving them away yet ( remember you heard it here first girls ! ;) ) To get yours when it actually does start,  you will need a Twitter account, which is really easy to set up, if you dont already have one. If you do.. I hope You Are Following Us ;) . . . Once they start giving them away, just sign into your account and follow the instructions, you will soon get your freebie and soon have that gorgeous golden tan :)

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£500 Primark Vouchers Up For Grabs

free shopping vouchersI absolutely adore Primark and Im sure many of you girls do too :)   They simply have a super range of clothing and stuff.. and their prices are second to none.  They might not be the best quality clothes in the world but hey… I for one am certainly not going to complain…and YES, they sell makeup too :)

So, how do you get your £500 vouchers I hear you ask. Well, first you need to register with the company offering the vouchers ( ) then all you have to do is complete your entry and they will automatically enter you into the draw, it really is quite simple, thankfully LOL. Click the Primark pic to have a go now, good luck everyone! x

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Free WooWoo Nail Wraps

free nail wrap samplesHey!.. there are some super designs here at girls, perfect for that big night out ( or in ;) ) there is bound to be something to suit your own personal tastes as there are hundreds to choose from and if somehow they dont have anything you fancy, you can even design your very own.. cool or what!

The freebie nail sample though,  is restricted to a few styles all very cool none the less.  To get ….er.. get your hands (s0rry) on them you will need to create an account on their site, this consists of a short online form and absolutely no card details or the like are required. Once you have done this they will send you a strip of nail wraps in the post x

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As always ladies, click the pic to get your free samples.

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Win £500 to Spend In BOOTS

free makeup at bootsBOOTS are a family name in the UKs high streets, thats because they stand for VFM.. thats “value for money”. They not only have a superb range of the finest perfumes , aftershaves and of course makeup, they also go alot further and have much more in store like and Optician Services a Dispensary and loads of other household goods and luxuries.

But of course, its the makeup that were interested in isnt it girls :) and imagine how much you get get for £500…wow! So, to get this gift card, you have to complete a few marketing questions about yourself then they will enter you into a draw, its not a loy really girls, I mean for the chance to win £500 !!, Go on, give it a whirl :)    Click the pic to enter.

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Free Hand Cream Sample

free gloves in a bottleI really like the name of this Hand Cream It is called ” Gloves in a Bottle “ .. cool uh ? :)   It not only has a catchy name though, it has some magic ingredients that really look after and protect your hands. Although primarily it is intended for people who have eczema or dry skin, it still does a grand job of protecting the hands of us that are lucky enough not to have any skin ailments.

To get this super lotion you have to go to their web page and submit your email address, they will then send an email telling you how to claim the free sample, its really straightforward :)   this offer is only open to UK residents and limited to one sample per household. To get started “click the pic” !

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Free £50 BENEFIT Makeup Vouchers

free makeup samplesBENEFIT are a wonderfully free spirited makeup brand. They are originally from San Francisco in the USA and truly are a breath of fresh air and arguably the brand of the moment!  Absolutely everyone uses Benefit makeup.. from mums to Rock stars, and this is because they provide an extensive range that has something for everyone:)

They are now giving everybody the chance to win £50 worth of vouchers to spend online, how good is that girls??

There are actually 2 of these vouchers so you  have an even better chance of winning, all you need to do, is “click the pic” then enter your details on the very short form then hit Continue and you will be entered into the free draw! ….. its that simple :)

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Free Gillette Razors

free samples ukOne for the guys here, although you could use them if you like as you know beautiful smooth skin requires a good razor :)   Gillette make some of the finest razors in the world and are renowned for the fact. They should be good, they have made razors since 1901, the company was set up King Camp Gillette ( yep, thats his real name ! )

Anyway I have found a site that is giving away free completely free samples, you do have to either take a survey or request a catalogue, thats what I did, then just throw it away LOL  They arent to know are they…  so if you would like a shiny new razor for free just “click the pic” and follow the instructions on their site.

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Dr Bronners All-In-One Soap

Makeup samplesI would just like to say first  – This Is Not an Offer - It is a little bit about some amazing all in one soap I have been reading about lately. It’s called ” Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one liquid soap” and it is flavour of the month with some of the biggest celebs around including Eminem, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock and many more.

You can apparently use it to clean your teeth, wash your hair, wash the dishes, as a body rub/massage oil …. in fact just about anything! It was developed by a guy called Dr Emanuel Bronner who was a master soap maker ( obviously LOL )  in the 1920′s and 30′s.  He was actually locked up in a mental asylum in 1948 in Chicago, for spreading his beliefs on war and hate, luckilly he escaped and continued his work on the stuff of his dreams and carried on preaching about love and peace.

Anyway, you can get this amazing soap in several flavours/varieties the most famous of which is peppermint and can be bought from Selfridges, Waitrose, Liberty and  To this day a little script of his thoughts can still be found on the packaging…. what a product..what a guy :)

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FREE YSL Touche Eclat Foundation

free foundation samplesYSL have free samples of their Touche Eclat Foundation to give away. This really is nice foundation and lasts really well, it has good coverage and doesnt leave your face all shiny looking  . . .   I know because I’ve got my sample already :) Out of the last four or five foundation samples I have tried this is up near the top, mabe even the top!

To get yours ( and to find out if you agree with me :/ ) all you have to do is go to their Facebook page and about half way down on the right hand side click the “click here for 7 day trial”  button and follow the simple instructions, there are also some blogger vids to check out if you like. “click the pic” to get your free sample!

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FREE MAC Lipstick

free makeup samplesMAC makeup is some of the best known and trusted makeup on the planet, and its not hard to see why. It is the makeup of the make up artists and used on countless movie sets the world over. The good news here though ladies, is that MAC are now giving away some of their Lipsticks completely free of charge :)

All that is required is to keep hold of six wrappers of your previous MAC lipsticks and send them to MAC who will then send you are free lipstick.. cool :) Simply click the lippie pic and follow the simple instructions on their web page.

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Free Biotherm Blue Therapy Beauty Serum

free beauty samplesThis a great freebie as not only do you get three Free Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum sachets  but you also get a free skin consultation instore :)   Biotherm have joined forces with Boots for this give away and its sure to go fast , get your skates on ladies! This stuff promises to reduce or even remove dark spots and wrinkles in as little as four weeks…I need some now LOL.

It is fairly easy to get this free sample, all you need to do is “click  the pic” then download the free voucher that will appear then toddle off to your nearest Boots store ….. pretty easy really :)   Its worth bearing in mind that as you will also get a free skin consultation you may have to wait, all depends on how busy they are at the time I guess :)

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Get £250 of Maybelline Makeup free

free maybelline makeupHow about getting your hands on £250 of gorgeous Maybelline makeup absolutely free…… sounds good to me :)    Maybelline have teamed up with OnlineGifts to create this super offer, and seeing as its free we thought we would tell you about it. Basically, they are offering you a trial with eMusic or a Teeth whitening trial (this one sounds interesting) and a couple more, you dont have to try them all only one, then you will get the £250 of Maybelline makeup …

What you have to do is “click the pic” which will take you to their webpage, then enter your email address ( it must be a valid email ) and press “continue”… then you choose tyour trial offer, remember, you only need to pick one! . . .  We agree its not not the easiest offer to get but we think its worth a go,  have a look now and see what you think :)

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Free Sample of BOSS Bottled Fragrance

free fragrance samplesBOSS are another mega name in the fashion industry and make apparel for the stars. They also make some pretty nifty makeup and fab fragrances, which is whats this freebie is all about. There are four choices to pick from they are BOSS Bottled, BOSS Bottled Night, BOSS Bottled Sport and Boss Nuit for us ladies :)

It is pretty easy to get one of these free samples, all it takes is to go to their webpage then click on “order sample” to the left of the white BOSS bottle, then there is a short online form to fill in, this is also where you choose which sample you would like  :)   Complete this and you will soon whiff like a fim star :) Go on then… “click that pic”

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Free Orla Kiely Perfume Samples

free perfume samplesThis Orla Kiely Fragrance is such a sweet perfume, is is delightful and perfect for up coming Spring time (yippee)  This fragrance is made with natural ingredients including, Bergamot and Rose…mmmmm.   John Lewis have free samples of this aroma and it is a sinch to get your hands on them.

All you have to do is print off the voucher (dont worry ladies, clicking on the pic will take you to the voucher) then simply print it off , its the “printer” icon at the top left of the page, and take it to your nearest John Lewis store to get it :) There is bound to be one near you :)

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FREE Paco Rabanne Samples

free fragrance samplesHow about some of this girls…. completely free Paco Rabanne fragrance samples, either “Lady Million” for yourselves or some “One Million” for your other half.  It really is a nice smelly and its always shrewd to try before you buy isnt it :)    Unfortunately you can only get one sample per household so choose wisely ladies ( Lady Million it is then LOL )

Freebie bit… all you need to do is to go on their webpage, fill in a short and simple online form telling them which sample you want (lady million :) ) and press “submit” at the bottom , and hey presto.. a free sample of Paco Rabanne’s latest fragrance will soon be winging its way to you :)   Click the pic! to get started.

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Free Skinetica anti-blemish Cream

free skin care creamWe can all suffer from skin blemishes from time to time, there are many reasons why this can happen like weariness, lack of sleep and generally being run down or just living life to the full. These and some, slightly more complicated reasons can have a dtrimental effect on your skin but fear not…….. Enter “Skinetica Anti-blemish” cream.

Skinetica UK have decided to give away free samples of their brilliant skin soothing cream.  It promises to reduce or even eliminate skin blemishes, which cant be a bad thing can it girls ! :) … their offer has been so popular that they now have to charge little for P+P, but its only £1, so its still a really good offer no registration or anything like that is needed. get ot now ladies :)


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Free YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lippie

free makeup samples ukElle UK have teamed up with YSL to bring you this freebie lipstick offer. They have 50 YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lippies up for grabs, these lippies are top quality makeup and usually retail for £23.508-O !  These ultra glossy lipsticks are new and the perfect addition to your Spring makeup kit.

Now, to get one of these super (and expensive :) ) freebies you will need to sign up to Elle UK, but only if you are not already registered. There are a few constraints though, you need to be aged 18 or over, you also need to be a resident of the UK (that shouldn’t be a problem ;) )  But the good part here is  there is NO PURCHASE neccessary ! But, be quick as this offer expires on March 5th this year… go on then, get those skates on girls…

Click the mega “kissable lips” to go to their site and dont forget to tell your friends girls  :)

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Free Clinique Moisturising Lip Gloss

free lip glossYour lips are the second most important /noticable feature on your face (after the eyes) so we need to make the most of them..right!  Especially with the winter months upon us, I mean that horrible wet and windy weather just isnt any good for our poor little faces and their vulnerable features. Now we can do something about it or at least we can look after our lips,  and for free :)

Clinique have some of their uber sexy lip gloss up for grabs, but this isnt just ordinary lip gloss…its  Cliniques Superbalm Moisturising Lip Gloss. This lip gloss as well as being simply gorgeous, is full of ingredients that moisten and protect your lips whatever the weather so it is a perfect blend of beauty and protection in one simple little package. You even get to pick which shade you would like. To get yours, “click the pic” and follow the instructions :)

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Free L’Oreal Everpure Shampoo & Conditioner


free makeup samples

This offer has now finished, sorry!

Hey…ladies, you had better get your skates on for this free offer as it ends on the 15th  of this month… thats not long. But luckily it is so easy to get your hands on this free L’Oreal hair care combo you should manage it really ( dont forget to tell your friends on FB and Twitter, they wont be happy if they find out you didnt tell them :) )

Right, what you need to do to get your free sample is, go to their Facebook page and click on the pink rectangle at the top, to the right, then fill in a few details and you will get a 10ml sample of shampoo and 10ml sample of conditioner :) . . . click the pic to go to the FB page to claim your freebie.

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Free NIVEA Express Hydration Sample

free makeup samples ukIt is quite surprising really that with so much rain in GB that we can fuffer from dry skin.It has a lot to do with it being so windy ( so I’m told )   Anyway, our winter months do tend to be rather breezy and this plays havoc with our skin, leaving it lacking in natural moisturising oils.  But dont worry, NIVEA has the perfect solution to annoying dry skin…. its Express Hydration Primer.

NIVEA are, as I am sure you already know, skin care specialists and have a long history in taking care of our largest organ ( yes, skin is an organ )  They are now giving away free samples of their latest weapon against dry skin, and all you have to do to get some is to answer a few questions about yourself ( nothing too personal :) ) then claim your freebie. They do say it could take upto 28 days for delivery

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FREE James Bond 007 Sample

free fragrance samplesThis one is for that special man in your life ( or just your BF if you want :)James Bond is a bit of a hunk isnt he?  We can dream ladies… even if your man doesnt look or behave like James at least now he can smell like a secret agent. This new fragrance has been described as “the most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world” by GQ magazine and is gorgeous, my man actually bought some (silly boy LOL)

To get a free sample of this 007 deliciousness just pop along to their webpage, click on the “free sample” button on the left and fill in a short form. They send the sample directly to your address… go on, give your bloke a license to thrill ;)

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FREE Origins mini-facial and free samples

origins skin care free stuffOrigins cosmetics are a Nature inspired makeup company that have a firm belief in ” natural is best “. They have a wide range of makeup and skin care products all of which have natural ingredients, they combine this ” nature is best ” with modern technology and have come up with some great products.

Now for the freebie bit :) they will give you a free skin consultation, a mini-facial ( including a deep cleanse, an exfoliation and then a face mask ) and if they have any left or in stock they will give you some free samples  of their skin care range.. BUT .. you must book this mini-facial beforehand, you cant simply turn up and request one ( although you could always ask if your passing, God loves a tryer LOL ) x

This is a link to their site

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Giorgio Armani Maestro Makeup

Free-Giorgio-Armani-Makeup-Instore-Only   You can now get some samples of Giorgio Armani’s Maestro makeup for free too, they do have a great name in the world of high fashion and not without good reason.  Anyway, this free offer involves a little traveling, dont worry girls ..only down to your nearest Armani counter :)

But first, you have to “like”  their cool FB page, “register for free sample” fill in a few details and print off your invitation, then toddle off to the Armani counter ( all major dept’ stores have one ) then redeem your voucher to get a free sample :)   I hope you like yours as much as I did mine. Right ladies, just click the Armani pic to go to their FB page

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